Accredited guest lecturer at School of Public Health, Debrecen University, Debrecen, Hungary (graduate and undergraduate courses in English and in Hungarian) – Patient-reported outcomes in clinical trials

Quantitative and qualitative research methodology at NOPUS, Nordic Program for Development of Social Services, Gothenburg, Sweden

Qualitative research methodology, Vänersborg högskolan, Vänersborg, Sweden
“Health-related Quality of Life and functional GI disorders” workshop for clinicians, Health Care Research Unit, Sahlgrenska University hospital, Göteborg University

“Pharmaceutical promotional claims and labels”, workshop for pharmacy students, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

“Pharmaceutical Medicine, aspects of Patient-Reported Outcomes”, workshop for medicinal scientists and the Swedish Medical Products Agency, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

“Principles of Patient-Reported Health Outcomes” Eötvös Lóránd University, Institute of Social policy, Budapest, Hungary

“Introduction to quality of life measurement in clinical trials”, Sahlgrenska Academy, Institute of Nursing, Gothenburg University, Sweden

“Patient-reported outcomes in clinical trials”, Department of Psychology, Debrecen University, Debrecen, Hungary